Right To Privacy

Resource Data obtains data for AnchorageLive from the Municipality of Anchorage who will provide this information to anyone upon request. We have loaded this data into this free, easy-to-use tool as a demonstration of our database, Internet and GIS programming expertise.

Regardless of whether or not this data is available from other sources, Resource Data recognizes that some individuals will wish to be removed from AnchorageLive. Therefore, we have implemented an easy-to-use "Opt Out" tool so that you may have your name removed from our database.

Periodically, we obtain updated information for AnchorageLive from the Municipality. Once you've opted-out for a specific property, your name will not appear in our database associated with that property (even after an update). However, because we cross-reference owner names and addresses, if you acquire new property you will have to opt out for that specific property to ensure your name does not appear in AnchorageLive.

Please be aware that there are many other Internet tools which may also have this information and "opting-out" of AnchorageLive does not remove your name from any of these other databases or remove it from the Municipality's database.

Why does Resource Data want personal information when I opt out?

During the opt-out process, you will be asked for some personal infomation, such as your name, a phone number, and your Email address. We will not distribute this information in any way. The reason that we are collecting this information is:

Resource Data