Opt Out of AnchorageLive

For privacy reasons, you may not want your name visible on your parcel in AnchorageLive. In addition, you may not want your parcel to be found by using your name. AnchorageLive allows you to remove your name from your parcel by following the procedure below.

NOTE: Removing your name on AnchorageLive will not remove your name from other databases on the web.

  1. EITHER:
    1. Find your parcel by zooming to it on the map.
    2. Click once on the parcel to show details of your parcel.
    1. Enter Owner Name, Street Name or House Number in the search field above.
    2. Select your parcel from the list to show details of your parcel.
  2. On the Parcel Details tab, there is either a single entry or multiple entries for condominiums, offices, etc. If there are multiple entries, find your particular entry.
  3. At the bottom of your parcel details entry, select the "Opt Out" button to open the opt-out form.
  4. Fill out the opt-out form and select the "Submit" button.
  5. Your request to opt out will be reviewed and approved typically within 5 business days.
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